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Soy Versus Paraffin
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What is Paraffin?
Paraffin is the sludge left in the bottom of a barrel of crude oil! Burning paraffin wax supports the oil industry and releases soot and toxins into your home and air! Have you ever noticed how the jars turn black? That's just a few of the problems with Paraffin!

Light My Fires Candle Creations

What are the differences between Soy and Paraffin candles?

             Paraffin Candles:

             Soy Candles:

Are made from petroleum refineries left over sludge

Are made from vegetables

Give off harmful carcinogens

Are 100%  environmentally safe and


Must be blended with chemicals to release fragrances

Release fragrances naturally, faster   stronger, and longer 

Wax is difficult to remove if spilled

Clean up easily with soap and hot water

Leave black soot everywhere

Leave little or no soot

Burn hot and fast

Burn cooler & last 25-50% longer

Often does not burn completely

Burn completely, Saving you money

Is not a renewable resource

Is a renewable resource

Support the oil industry

Support American Farmers

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Light My Fires Candle Creations